Kountry Kennel provides boarding, professional grooming and obedience training for your dog in Cox’s Creek, KY.

We are open 7 days a week by appointment.



  • Spacious in-door / outdoor runs
  • Heated and air-conditioned facility
  • 2015 rates per day:
    • 1 dog per run – $15
    • 2 dogs per run – $22
    • 3 dogs per run – $30
  • Open 7 days a week by appointment


kennelPicsObedienceObedience Training

  • Individual one-on-one classes
  • Includes basic voice and hand signal commands:
  • Heel, sit, stay, come and down
  • Basic manners:
    • No jump
    • No bite
    • No pulling on leash
  • Door and gate etiquette:
    • Holding a sit stay until told to go through
    • Holding a sit stay while letting someone in
  • Beginning off lead voice control by completion of course
  • Six week course – $149
  • Classes offered: Monday to Friday (Day or Evening) by appointment



House Training

Are you having a hard time potty training your dog?
Tired of dealing with your dog always marking their territory?

Have a female in heat with unsightly discharge?
Older dog becoming incontinent?

Well, we have the perfect answer for you!
The Dogsie Dog Shirt is a snug fitting light-weight cotton body shirt for dogs, with a sewn-in absorbant lining with a waterproof backing to keep any accidents that may occur while wearing the shirt contained to the shirt.

Large or small we fit them all



Professional grooming for all dogs Monday through Friday by appointment




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